The struggle is real. In real-time. Join us as we tackle a mountain of debt, failures, and past mistakes. Through Christ, recently saved by His grace, we boldly declare victory.

The battle is won. We’ve already triumphed because He did. Let’s claim the victory … one day at a time!

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February 3 – Triumph Before the War

I’m writing this looking ahead. Still mired in the grip of looming financial disaster, pressed around on all sides by the threat of eviction, repossession, and every other strife one might imagine, we don’t see the failure.

We see triumph.

We’ve already won. The battle may be set before us and we may have retreated too many times to count (to date), we have made plans and failed to meet them, we’ve promised and not delivered, I’ve broken my word more times than I wish I could admit, but victory is ours.


You’ll witness it first-hand.

I decided to write this as a journal, a diary.
It would be easier, I believe, to write this as a memoir, to look back while sitting in victory’s seat and then recall the road getting there. But what would be missed?

The past has a nasty habit of changing through older eyes. I could rewrite history, embellish certain challenges, neglect others, or spend too much time focused on one aspect of the journey to the omission of more important ones.

Triumph(ed) is a birds-eye, real-time account of the battle my wife, Diane, and I are waging. Originally, it will be published in real time, live, as it happens.

In book form, it will be presented as the complete story of how we went from as broken, irresponsible, and tragically (worldly) hopeless to victors, debt-free, rebuilt credit scores, all while refusing to cut corners, ‘make deals’, or declare bankruptcy. Those are the ‘easy roads’ to freedom.

We’re called onto the hard, narrow, compressed path that leads to life.
The world offers plenty of shortcuts and while some work, they fail to do the most important thing of all: honor God and give Him the glory and praise He deserves in all things.

That’s the thing … financial strain, debt, a failure to pay our obligations … it all dishonors God. We were saved more recently than we originally would have thought. We ‘believed’ as we were told in the common phrase, “All you need to do is believe and you’ll be saved.” We went for years assuming we were right with God.
It was a lie.

Jesus said it’s deception to think ‘all you have to do is believe’ and you’ll be saved. I’ll explain all that, too.

Once He drew us closer, revealed His truth to us through His word, that’s when we were transformed. While we still struggle (notice the present tense use of the word) in this new walk, we understand what sin is, what it truly does to our spiritual life, physical life, emotional health, and yes, even our finances.

You may have faced or are facing struggles like we are. Most people will be better than us, better off than us, not as pathetically broken and floundering, more responsible. That’s okay. You are free to judge, to mock, to snicker, to ridicule. It won’t affect us. The opinions of others about our past do not matter in the least.

God’s opinion of us does. And He’s already claimed victory for us. We need to honor that sacrifice and that’s what we’re setting out to do.

Keep in mind, everyone is struggling with something. Everyone. Some sin, some failure, some mistake they wish they could escape or drag themselves out from under, some void they just can’t fill. It’s there. Maybe you ignore it or try to avoid it or hide from it. Doesn’t matter; it’s there.
For us, we’ve triumphed. Even though we’re starting this journey dead last, the least of all sinners, credit almost as deep in the tank as it can go … we’re still triumphant.

I know … it’s quite the conundrum. But in light of God’s holy work and name, it’s not. It makes perfect sense when you realize the bigger picture. I believe it’ll come into focus for you as it came into focus for us. When you’re ready.

It’s time to put on the armor. It’s time to go to battle. It’s time to claim the victory.

Let’s triumph together!

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