The struggle is real. In real-time. Join us as we tackle a mountain of debt, failures, and past mistakes. Through Christ, recently saved by His grace, we boldly declare victory.

The battle is won. We’ve already triumphed because He did. Let’s claim the victory … one day at a time!

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February 17 – The Battle Rages On

The spiritual battle is real.

Make no mistake about it, just because the end has already been revealed doesn’t mean the battles stop. In fact, when an enemy is wrought into a corner, that’s when they’re most dangerous. That’s when they become as feral, enraged, and unconcerned about what happens.

That’s when all they want to do is destroy.

No sooner do I sit down and figure out I’m called to write about this journey from failure to redeemed, Triumph(ed), does the spiritual battle intensify.

Evil is relentless. It refuses to give in. It won’t rest.

Many people ask the question, “If there is a God, why does He allow bad things to happen to good people?”

I was one of those skeptics once upon a time. I didn’t believe in God. Then I did, but only saw Him as a spoiled brat who enjoyed tormenting me.

But the truth is He doesn’t ‘allow’ bad things to happen. He actually keeps evil in check. Imagine if He just gave up on humans and this beautiful world He created. Imagine a society where laws no longer meant anything, where they were never enforced, where the police simply walked away from their jobs.

Do you think society would look the same?

Do you honestly believe people are inherently good?

No, they’re not. We’re not.

In Connecticut, the police here have essentially done nothing to slow people down or enforce traffic laws. Sure, they sit along the side of the road, have their radar guns, and pull a few random cars over, but for the most part they don’t bother. There are reasons for this, but those don’t matter. What does are the consequences.

The result: average speeds exceed 20 mph over the posted limits, car after car after car roll through or completely blow by stop signs and red lights. More and more angry, impatient drivers ride bumpers at 75 mph in a 55 zone, in both right and left lanes. They cut others off. They flip obscene gestures without thought. They are reckless and fearless.

They don’t care.

And this is done by your neighbors, friends, family, maybe even you. Mothers with young kids in their car, twentysomethings on their way to a party, and 50-something professionals just heading to work.

It’s a completely different atmosphere than North Carolina and other states where speed limits are still respected and monitored.


We’re not good. Not even close. We never were. We never would be.

Outside of God’s grace and mercy, that is. And it’s that common grace God offers us that keeps all hell from literally breaking out on this planet.

But the spiritual battle remains. And it’s real. And when we’re rooted in Christ, when we’re forgiven our sins because He made the perfect sacrifice and we repented of those sins and trust in Him as Lord and Savior, nothing angers those dark spiritual forces more.

And they refuse to relent. They won’t give us rest. We will be hit. We will be struck. We will be attacked. Over and over and over.

No matter the plan, no matter the focus, we’ll wake up each morning with a new fight to face. I did. I have. Often.

When I set out to write this account of triumph, those forces went harder at work in my life. I felt the weight of their onslaught for weeks to start the New Year.

It wore me down, beat on me, and I started to feel hopeless, lost in the darkness. But God’s Word reminded me to constantly seek Him, to be “filled with the Holy Spirit” (____), and when we’re weak, that’s when He is strong (____).

Some days the road will feel smooth. Some days it’ll be rough. Either way, we must remind ourselves that the battle isn’t against each other; it’s not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms (______).

Do I feel triumphant? Not even close.

That doesn’t mean I’m not. You’ll have plenty of those moments. When we recognize and truly understand salvation, we don’t ask God, ‘Why do you allow bad things to happen to me’ or ‘Why won’t you bless me?’ He’s already blessed us endlessly.

When these situations play out, we need to ‘meditate on His word day and night’ (Psalm 1) for He is the Word. His Word is the Truth, the revelation of His will for us, and a source of our strength.

For millenia, men and women have given their lives to fight for what they believe in, not knowing the full result -whether they’d win or lose. We know the answer. We know we triumph. All the more reason to keep pushing and fighting and striving in the battle.

This week, the battle has been intense. It’s derailed me. But I press on.

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